You will hear the word “Horsemanship” often when you’re around horse people for a long time. But what exactly does it mean, and how does it pertain to our Thoroughbreds? Although not strictly an inclusive word, horsemanship refers to anyone who interacts with horses. It’s about handling, riding, and training. So, let’s break down what horsemanship looks like.


horseOlogy believes in a Horse First philosophy. We know that handling a thousand-pound animal is about making them confident in our confidence. We know that you should always approach a horse slowly and evenly. We learn to speak to and work with them so they are comfortable with us as we are with them.


A horse’s center of gravity shifts as they move. Riding them is a delicate dance; using the right equipment and training is vital to ensure horse and rider safety. You want to get results humanely through balance.


In October, we shared our approach to breaking and training. Rooted in good horsemanship, we know that this process is critical for the success of each of our horses. Most importantly, we know that there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all approach. We are hands-on with every horse, always putting them first.


Many people outside the racing industry hear stories about horse abuse in our sport. But we also know that horses who are treated well perform better. We can’t say it doesn’t happen, but it will never happen at horseOlogy. We tap into their natural desire to please and train on, and we do that by ensuring each horse has a training process that works best for them without fear.


While horsemanship is about our relationship with each horse, it’s also about our ability to communicate with other people. horseOlogy will always be transparent and available to our investors and owners. We believe that education is the future of our industry, so we can bring new people into the sport and create the sport for everybody.

Meet the Ologists

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