horseOlogy always begins with detail-oriented horsemanship. We focus on breaking and training at our facility, where we can be hands-on with every horse that comes through our program. Each horse is an individual, and we let them take the lead to guide us through their specific process of learning their new job through acceptance rather than fear. We build off these foundational blocks for success in every horse’s racing career.

The Ologist Formula

There is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all breaking and training program for thoroughbreds. horseOlogy starts by assessing each horse and getting to know their personality. We spend quiet time with them in the stall to learn their communication style and adjust our process to fit them.

Then, we shift to the large round pen and begin building trust through exercises in which we introduce commands, manners, steering, and breaks. Once this has been mastered, we work with a rider. When the horse and rider are comfortable in the round pen, we transition to the track over time to teach them the science and sport of racing.

Hands-On with Every Horse

We take a horse-first approach. They’re not just numbers, but complete beings with distinct personalities. We work one-on-one with each horse to determine the learning style that will get everyone the desired results. Jena and Katie take an active role in the process, and pay close attention to every detail so we can adjust whenever necessary.

We’ll never overload ourselves with horses so much that we cannot work closely with each one. Our program allows us to spend significant time with the horses daily to build trust and confidence.

Service Mindset

We understand that your horse is an investment. The horse and their owners need to be comfortable with us for the process to work. We take a similar individual approach to customer service and communications. We provide full-service partner relations or can be hands-off with virtual communications, depending on your comfort level.

We always welcome partners to the horseOlogy facilities. Visit and experience a day-in-the-life of the Ologists, and it’ll be easy for you to see how much we love what we do.

FollowhorseOlogyonline and on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube to learn more about our team, thoroughbreds, and services. Call us at 855-HORSIES (855-467-7437) to set up your visit to our facility.

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