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As any professional athlete will need a break sometime throughout their career, our equine athletes are no different. While they may not have a 15-20 year career, there may still be a need for a hiatus from the racetrack. Additionally, some owners and trainers prefer giving a seasonal freshening before returning north for the second ½ of the year’s racing schedule.

The Ologist Formula

Equine Rehab and Layup

Whether it is a short period of time to let them rest mentally and/or physically or an injury that needs to be rehabilitated before returning to work, horseOlogy has the means and skill set.

When taking horses away from their job for any reason, it is imperative to keep them happy, healthy, and entertained while they may not be able to use their full skill set. Our equine athletes are creatures of habit and love their job, so asking one to stop everything they know can be hard on them. Horses thrive on routine, so we strive to keep that structure in some capacity when they are away from their full-time job.


Ocala, Flordia

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At horseOlogy, we believe this is key in returning a horse to its trainer in the best form possible. While with us at the farm, we can incorporate swimming, small and large turnout, and hand-walking as it pertains to each horse and their individualized plan before returning to full work.

We work closely with our veterinarians, farrier, and nutritionists to ensure that we create the most balanced and structured plan for the horse to keep them thriving.

Attention to Detail

horseOlogy has the most comprehensive and balanced Equine Rehab and Layup Program. We are also able to incorporate a multitude of therapies as needed. Because we are in a farm setting, we can keep our costs low regarding rehabilitation and quickly shift a horse back into training when they are ready.

Working with horseOlogy eliminates the need for a horse to stay at a rehabilitation center before returning to a training center or the racetrack. Having a relationship with the horse throughout its time off eases the transition back into training for all parties.

Unparalleled Customer Service

At horseOlogy, we offer unparalleled customer service with virtual communication for those who wish to remain hands-off. We provide full-service partner relations for those more involved in the experiential side of the investment. We always encourage partners to come and visit the farm and experience a day in the life of a racehorse-in-training. It’s easy to see why we love what we do!


Horse Capital of the World

With over 400 acres of rolling hills, horseOlogy facilities are among the finest in Ocala's Horse Capital of the World. We offer a freshwater swimming pool, a large eurociser, and ample paddock space in addition to our 3/4 mile sand track and endless bridle trails available for jogging and galloping. We are centrally located and easily accessible from multiple international airports (Gainesville, Orlando, Tampa, and Jacksonville).  

Triad Thoroughbred Management

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Why the Ology?

Our Mission:

horseOlogy delivers exceptional services to thoroughbred owners by providing focused, individualized care and training for their thoroughbreds. Our array of services throughout the industry and the opportunity for owners to be involved at any level create the most satisfying ownership experience for horseOlogy clients.

Our Goal:

To be the finest in the Thoroughbred Industry by being transparent, fun, and relevant.

horseOlogy strives to create a community of inclusivity within our investment partners.

We bring a strong business foundation with years of education and hands-on experience with each service.

The partner experience is always our priority. Whether Pinhooking, Racing, or any of our horseOlogy services, each of our partners will receive personalized service with the promise of complete transparency through their entire investment process.

Built on years of trust and mutual respect, our industry-relevant relationships with the best trainers and consignors in the country allow our partners access to the Ology edge. 

Jena and Katie's years of experience will enable us to place each racehorse in the optimal racing program. We focus on the individual and their needs, whether it be temperament or level of racing.

The communication doesn't cease once your racehorse moves to a trainer at the track. We are there every step to ensure that your experience is as rich as when we worked with your horse directly.

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Training Location

Ocala, Florida 

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All Available Shares

horseOlogy has only limited investment opportunities in this year’s investment group.

Horses of Racing Age Be A Lady ’21 by Violence

Horses of Racing Age

We love to watch our graduates grow and be successful on the racetrack.

Horses of Racing Age Be A Lady ’21 by Violence

Yearling to Two Year Olds

We can’t wait for you to come along and experience all that these horses have to offer.

Weanlings Available

Weanlings to Yearlings

Get involved early as there are limited ownership opportunities.

Weanlings Available


Allowing our partners to take part in the breeding process from start to finish.

Developing and Training

Our approach is joining up with each horse so that they understand the process of learning through acceptance and not fear.

Horses of Racing Age Be A Lady ’21 by Violence

Rehab and Layup

Whether it is to let them rest mentally and/or physically or an injury, wehas the means and skill set.

Horses of Racing Age Be A Lady ’21 by Violence

Sales Prep

At horseOlogy, we focus on the tiniest details that can set our horses apart in the sales ring.

Weanlings Available


horseOlogy provides a boutique experience while limiting the number of mares and foals.

Horses of Racing Age Be A Lady ’21 by Violence


We bring years of experience evaluating conformation and pedigree to uncover the best pinhooking prospects.

Small Share Investing

A business model whereby a group of people can participate in the owning horse, which may otherwise not have been feasible.


Bloodstock Advisors

A bloodstock advisor’s services may include but are not limited to, mating, sale placement, acquisition, trainer placement, and overall management of your horse.

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