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horseOlogy delivers exceptional services to thoroughbred owners by providing focused individualized care and training for their thoroughbreds. Our array of services throughout the industry and the opportunity for owners to be involved at any level creates the most satisfying ownership experience for horseOlogy clients.

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Ocala, Florida 

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Introducing horseOlogy  

(Ocala, Florida – For Immediate Release) 

 July 1, 2022 – horseOlogy launched in Ocala, Florida on July 1st, 2022 

horseOlogy is a minority and women-owned full-cycle thoroughbred training and ownership organization. Founded, owned, and operated by Katie Miranda and Jena Antonucci, horseOlogy is passionate about everything Ology for horses.  

Ology: noun – informal, humorous. A subject of study; a branch of knowledge. 

Based in Ocala, Florida, horseOlogy handles anything related to thoroughbred raising, training, and racing. They offer bloodstock advising, pinhooking, micro-investing, and more. They are a serious team that wants to bring humor and enjoyment back into the sport of horseracing to make it relatable to the next generation of enthusiasts while respecting the long-steeped traditions.  

“The horses are always teaching us.” – Jena Antonucci 

Each horse is an individual, and horseOlogy takes a personalized approach to every thoroughbred. Everything is handled in-house as a boutique business balancing our time with the horses and interacting and engaging on social media and beyond. Noting a lack of presence in the thoroughbred industry by Generation Z and Millennials, horseOlogy seeks to change that direction.  

I’m excited to get new people involved and show them the best side of this industry.” – Katie Miranda 

Follow horseOlogy online at www.horseologyinc.com and on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok to see more about the team, the thoroughbreds, and the services. Call or text us at 855-HORSIES (855-467-7437). 

Professional. Transparent. Relevant. Fun. 


The Ology Advantage

By putting our partners first, horseOlogy guarantees an honest and ethical relationship through every stage. Keeping all services in-house allows us to control costs for our partners and provide complete transparency at all times. There is no shipping to one farm for developing and training and another for rehabilitation.

We pride ourselves on providing the most personalized service for each equine athlete on our farm. With this, horseOlogy can have an open line of communication with our partners, providing updates in real-time.

Everything Ology

We relish our relationships with our investment partners, and we pride ourselves on the communication we provide regularly. We keep you informed every step of the way from:

  • Weanling News
  • Developing & Training
  • Racing News
  • Rehab and Lay-Up
  • Retirement Updates

The Ology Edge

Jena Antonucci and Katie Miranda bring decades of hands-on business experience and expertise from every sector of the thoroughbred industry to deliver top-quality services with unmatched partner relations.

We have coupled our diverse skills to create a well-rounded portfolio of services for each stage of the thoroughbred racing industry, from pinhooking to retirement.

Customer Service

horseOlogy offers unmatched customer service with virtual communication for those who wish to remain hands-off. horseOlogy also offers full-service partner relations for those looking to be more involved in the experiential side of their investment.

About Us

Jena is exceptionally well regarded at the most prestigious race tracks in the country, having winners from Saratoga to Gulfstream. Jena runs a mid-size stable and has a reputation for having an open-door policy with every one of her clients and always putting the horse first. She operates a very transparent business so that her clients have the best possible experience, whether on a race or training day. Over the last several years, Jena has diversified her business, taking all her equine experience and successfully pinhooking, breeding, rehabilitating, and advising clients.

P- 855-Horsies / 855.467.7437

E- Jena@horseologyinc.com


Katie grew up around her parents’ Thoroughbred Training facility in Ocala. She earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Biology at the University of Tennessee/Martin, where she rode on their Division 1 NCAA Equestrian team. Katie went on to earn a Master’s degree in Animal Science at the University of Florida, after which Katie began assisting her father in their developing and training business. In 2019, Katie opened White Lilac in Ocala, where she caters to clients looking for a boutique experience from a trainer. White Lilac is now the banner under which Katie consigns Two-Year Olds. In addition to developing and training, Katie has vast expertise in sales prepping weanlings and yearlings, pinhooking, and rehabilitation.

P- 855-Horsies / 855.467.7437

E- Katie@horseologyinc.com


Betsy is the newest member of the horseOlogy team. Her dedication to mastering every aspect of thoroughbred care and racing aligns perfectly with horseOlogy’s comprehensive approach. Betsy’s daily activities vary, encompassing tasks like observing morning training sessions, handling administrative duties, maintaining schedules, managing inventories, and coordinating with the equine healthcare team. Her commitment to transparency and eagerness to absorb all aspects of racing highlights her value to the team. Organized and meticulous, she thrives in the fast-paced environment at horseOlogy. Betsy holds a degree in Animal and Veterinary Science and Equine Business and Management from Clemson University, earned in May 2023. Originally from near Charleston, South Carolina, Betsy now resides in the heart of horse country in Ocala, Florida. 

P- 855-Horsies / 855.467.7437

E- Betsy@horseologyinc.com

Betsy Hathcock


We bring years of experience evaluating conformation and pedigree to uncover the best pinhooking prospects. Maintaining a constant thumb on the pulse of successful commercial trends allows our partners to experience pinhooking at its’ finest. We feel the time spent on the sales grounds evaluating each horse is invaluable. We pride ourselves on the steps we take to make the most educated decisions at the sales for our partners.

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Trending Everything Ology

All Available Shares

horseOlogy has only limited investment opportunities in this year’s investment group.

Horses of Racing Age Be A Lady ’21 by Violence

Horses of Racing Age

We love to watch our graduates grow and be successful on the racetrack.

Horses of Racing Age Be A Lady ’21 by Violence

Yearling to Two Year Olds

We can’t wait for you to come along and experience all that these horses have to offer.

Weanlings Available

Weanlings to Yearlings

Get involved early as there are limited ownership opportunities.

Weanlings Available


Allowing our partners to take part in the breeding process from start to finish.

Developing and Training

Our approach is joining up with each horse so that they understand the process of learning through acceptance and not fear.

Horses of Racing Age Be A Lady ’21 by Violence

Rehab and Layup

Whether it is to let them rest mentally and/or physically or an injury, wehas the means and skill set.

Horses of Racing Age Be A Lady ’21 by Violence

Sales Prep

At horseOlogy, we focus on the tiniest details that can set our horses apart in the sales ring.

Weanlings Available


horseOlogy provides a boutique experience while limiting the number of mares and foals.

Horses of Racing Age Be A Lady ’21 by Violence


We bring years of experience evaluating conformation and pedigree to uncover the best pinhooking prospects.

Small Share Investing

A business model whereby a group of people can participate in the owning horse, which may otherwise not have been feasible.


Bloodstock Advisors

A bloodstock advisor’s services may include but are not limited to, mating, sale placement, acquisition, trainer placement, and overall management of your horse.

Available Shares




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