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Becoming a horseOlogy owner is effortless. With a straightforward, one-time payment, you enter a world where your investment covers every facet of ownership. Our expert team handles all aspects, from the purchase efforts to integrating your horses into our specialized training program and preparing them for the next step.

Exclusive Owner Benefits:

Comprehensive One-time Payment

No outside or monthly bills.

Regular Owner Updates

Stay informed with timely updates on your horse(s).

Exclusive Visits to horseOlogy

Get up close and personal with your horse(s).

Invitations to Sales Events

Attend exclusive sales events where the team will be buying and/or selling.

Customized Marketing

Unique marketing campaigns to promote each horse prior to sales.

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Imagine Season Tickets, but Better:

Think of it as having season tickets to your favorite sports team, but with an exciting twist – you not only enjoy the thrill of the game, be part of the team but also have the opportunity to receive returns at the end of the season. Elevate your passion for racing and support the development of future champions by investing in a thoroughbred with horseOlogy.

Taking the leap into thoroughbred ownership has never been more steamlined. Call us, share your comfort level, make a single payment, and enjoy! By diversifying your investment, you create an experience with friends and family.

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All Available Shares

horseOlogy has only limited investment opportunities in this year’s investment group.

Horses of Racing Age Be A Lady ’21 by Violence

Horses of Racing Age

We love to watch our graduates grow and be successful on the racetrack.

Horses of Racing Age Be A Lady ’21 by Violence

Yearling to Two Year Olds

We can’t wait for you to come along and experience all that these horses have to offer.

Weanlings Available

Weanlings to Yearlings

Get involved early as there are limited ownership opportunities.

Breaking and Training

Our approach is joining up with each horse so that they understand the process of learning through acceptance and not fear.

Horses of Racing Age Be A Lady ’21 by Violence

Rehab and Layup

Whether it is to let them rest mentally and/or physically or an injury, wehas the means and skill set.

Horses of Racing Age Be A Lady ’21 by Violence

Sales Prep

At horseOlogy, we focus on the tiniest details that can set our horses apart in the sales ring.

Weanlings Available


horseOlogy provides a boutique experience while limiting the number of mares and foals.

Horses of Racing Age Be A Lady ’21 by Violence


We bring years of experience evaluating conformation and pedigree to uncover the best pinhooking prospects.

Micro Investing

A business model whereby a group of people can participate in the owning horse, which may otherwise not have been feasible.


Bloodstock Advisors

A bloodstock advisor’s services may include but are not limited to, mating, sale placement, acquisition, trainer placement, and overall management of your horse.

horseOlogy Encore is a 501(c)(3) Nonprofit Organization

Our Vision
“To transition and care for retiring thoroughbreds or other equine and prepare for their next careers whether it be companion, riding or therapeutic service and offer an educational opportunity to the community.”

Available for Rehoming

The vast majority of rehoming opportunities come from off the track thoroughbreds (OTTB’s) and we take it upon ourselves to make sure that there are open doors and soft landings for each and every one of them that come to us at the end of their racing career.

horseOlogy Encore Adoption Form

What does a second career mean for our equine friends? Whether it is a thoroughbred that’s done with its race career, a show horse that needs an easier job, or a broodmare that gets to retire from her kiddos, we like to think there is a second career for most and aim to create a soft landing for others.

Our Resident Oldies

Not all horses are suited for a second career, and it is most important to understand the difference. You will notice many farms throughout Lexington and Ocala have a field they deem “the retired field” and these typically home retired broodmares, track ponies and others that may have been retired and not able to be rehomed due to injury or temperament.

Make your donation through our secure site

horseOlogy Encore is a 501(c)(3) Nonprofit Organization. Please consider gifting a vital donation to aid in the care and rehoming of these wonderful horses.

You Dream It, We Make It Happen


Our Mission

“Our personal responsibility to the equine industry is to care for the horses throughout their lives. We advocate for breeds that have supported us, and we’ll assist them in their second career or retirement however we can.”

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Encore - a 501c3

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