Micro investing is an exciting concept that applies to the buying of stocks as well as racehorses. But what is micro investing? And more importantly, what makes micro investing with horseOlogy different? If you are thinking about getting into the world of horse racing, this might be exactly the right opportunity. Here’s what you should know.

What Is Micro Investing?

When you Google “micro investing,” you’ll usually find financial investment information. And that’s a pretty good place to start so you can understand the concept. Micro investing is the use of small amounts of money within investment platforms. Most often, this is through ETFs or fractional investments.

For example, if your grocery bill comes to $99.10, you can round up your accounting to $100 and invest that $0.90 in a fractional investment platform such as Robinhood. It removes the idea that investing in the stock market is just for the wealthiest Americans and makes access much more accessible.

Micro Investing in Racehorses

So if micro investing in the stock market is a way to even the playing field, micro investing in racehorses also gives everyone a chance to be a part of this incredible sport. Thoroughbred racing has long been considered the Sport of Kings, but it should be the sport of everybody.

By investing small amounts in horse racing, you have a chance to co-own a racehorse with other investors. There’s even an app for that! The experience of owning a racehorse can be more thrilling than placing bets on the track.

Micro Investing with horseOlogy Pinhooking

At horseOlogy, we take micro investing to the next level. We offer micro investment in pinhooks. As discussed recently in this blog, pinhooking is the practice of buying and selling yearling and weanlings. Like the stock market, it can be speculative, but it can also be lucrative.

To participate, you would buy a share of a young horse destined to be sold at the next stage of development. For example, you would buy into ownership of a weanling to be sold as a yearling. You would then receive your share of the purchase price once the horse has been sold. It’s an exciting way to be a part of the experience with less risk than investing directly in an individual horse.

Be a Part of the horseOlogy Team

Contact us to learn more about micro investing in pinhooks. Become a part of the team and enjoy the excitement when your horse is sold. Contact us to learn more today.

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