At horseOlogy, we owe everything we do to the horses. They are athletes, but they are much more and deserve every opportunity to have the best lives possible on and off that track. To support this cause, Jena and Katie have created horseOlogy Encore, a 501(c)(3) non-profit dedicated to providing retirement or second career opportunities for thoroughbreds and other breeds. Here’s what you should know about horseOlogy Encore.

What is horseOlogy Encore?

“Our goal is to continue to do our best for these horses and support them in whatever comes next in their lives.” – Katie Miranda 

horseOlogy Encore is committed to working with owners to ensure their retired horses have the support they need at this vital transition point in their lives. There is currently a retired population who will live their lives out at the farm, and now Encore will help support this commitment with the non-profit in place. They look forward to welcoming additional horses, helping them transition to a new career, or giving them a comfortable retirement place in the vast tree-filled pastures.  

“The horses don’t owe us anything, but we owe them everything.” – Jena Antonucci 


Our Mission

Our mission statement reads, “Our personal responsibility to the equine industry is to care for the horses throughout their lives. We advocate for breeds that have supported us, and we’ll assist them in their second career or retirement however we can.” The team also includes Meg Miranda and Angela Chovnick, who bring a wealth of knowledge, experience, and passion to create a positive experience for each horse. 

horseOlogy Encore is seeking support for this commitment and work. All donations are tax-deductible. Current and future owners of retiring horses are encouraged to contact the Encore team with any questions. Owners can visit the farm and see what facilities and options are available for their horses.  

Learn More

To learn more about the horseOlogy Encore program, visit or call or text them at 855-HORSIES (855-467-7437).  

Meet the Ologists

FollowhorseOlogyonline and on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube to learn more about our team, thoroughbreds, and services. Call us at 855-HORSIES (855-467-7437) to schedule your visit to our facility.

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