Have you ever dreamed of being a part of horseracing? You can, and it’s simpler than you think. horseOlogy is an organization designed to make thoroughbreds and the sport of racing more accessible to everyone, not just the rich and famous. While there are multiple avenues to get involved in the thoroughbred industry, pinhooking allows for an investment with an end date and higher return than racing. With horseOlogy, you’re not just investing in pinhooking, you’re investing in horseOlogy, and our goal is to build trust so you believe in our abilities to train and sell incredible horses that you own a part of. Here’s how to talk to an Ologist.

Current Available Horses

We encourage everyone to visit our Available Shares page to get a feel for what we’re doing right now. All the horses are listed by age category, and you can review their pedigree online. One of our most important values is transparency. We want everyone who works with horseOlogy to be a part of the experience as much or as little as they prefer. We encourage people to visit us on the farm or attend sales to see what horseOlogy and the thoroughbred industry is all about. 

Supporting horseOlogy’s Mission and Vision

We want to live up to our vision of integrity, fun, and transparency. Prioritizing our partners guarantees an ethical and honest relationship at every stage. Our services are handled in-house, allowing us to control costs for our partners and enable everyone to see behind the curtain. There are no smoke and mirrors here. We also provide personalized service for each equine athlete on our farm. We maintain an open line of communication with our partners and provide real-time updates.

What is Micro Investing

We use the term “micro-investing” on our website and collateral, but what does that mean? For the stock market, micro-investing can often mean investing minimal money into a company. But for the thoroughbred world, it means a more affordable way to buy a share of a racehorse prospect. Last year, we put together this blog post to give more information about what micro-investing means in the context of horseOlogy. And you can always talk to us to learn more.

Contact Our Team

Now is the time to stop horsin’ around! We want to talk to you if you’re interested in learning more about working with horseOlogy, getting involved in horseracing, and pinhooking. We are a small team, and you will always talk directly to either Jena or Katie when you contact an Ologist to learn more.

Come visit us or give us a call today.  

Meet the Ologists

FollowhorseOlogyonline and on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube to learn more about our team, thoroughbreds, and services. Call us at 855-HORSIES (855-467-7437) to schedule your visit to our facility.

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