We’re not stock market experts by any means. We know the market can be volatile but lucrative for those who engage. But there are many more ways to diversify your investments, and some of those can be a lot more fun than buying and selling stocks. Have you considered investing in thoroughbred ownership? Here’s what you should know about investing with horseOlogy.

The Stock Market

Because we’re not experts, we won’t give you stock market advice. There are plenty of resources for beginners who want to get into the stock market. And for experts – well, they probably already know what they’re doing. But here’s the thing about the stock market. Dips can cause problems with long-term wealth management. The history of horseracing shows that it was still popular even during the Great Depression. That says something about why investing in a horse might be a worthwhile experience.

ROI on Buying a Horse

The most important part about starting any new investment is identifying how much money you can freely spend without disturbing your lifestyle. In our experience, those who go into the equine business, eyes wide open, tend to enjoy their experiences much more. Once you have established what works for you financially, get in touch with us so we can start to create the perfect investment scenario for you.

Whether pinhooking, racing in partnership, or owning yourself, we will create the best scenario customized for you. The most crucial detail is that we treat your hard-earned financial investment like it is ours.

Here are sample numbers:

 Purchase PriceExpenses Nov ‘20-Aug ‘21Selling PriceInvestment GainROIAnnualized ROI  
Weanling Pinhook$45,000$23,000$130,000$62,00091.18%127%

Like Season Tickets, but Better

Here’s an analogy we often use at horseOlogy. If you’ve ever had season tickets to your favorite sports team, imagine that experience but with the addition of getting paid at the end of the season. Investing can make following your favorite sports team much better, which is what investing in a thoroughbred can do for you.

It doesn’t have to be a giant daunting leap into racehorse ownership. We have made it so simple that you just have to give us a call, let us know exactly what you’re comfortable with, make a one-time payment, and sit back and watch the game. We will work with you to diversify your investment and create an experience that you can brag about at the dinner table with friends and family.

Getting Started

horseOlogy is hands-on with all of our horses and with our investors. We recognize that you are an essential part of our team. Contact us to learn more about investing with horseOlogy and diversifying your portfolio.

Meet the Ologists

Follow horseOlogy online and on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube to learn more about our team, thoroughbreds, and services. Call us at 855-HORSIES (855-467-7437) to schedule your visit to our facility.

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