horseOlogy is the study of all things of the horse. And under the horseOlogy umbrella, there are several specializations, including farmOlogy or the study of all things farm related. And that’s where you’ll find sales prep. When planning for a young thoroughbred, some breeders may choose to race their own horses, and some may choose to sell. When it comes to selling young thoroughbreds, there needs to be a plan, and horseOlogy comes into play! Let’s see what it takes to get a young thoroughbred to a sale.

Paying Attention To Details

In preparation for a sale, there is limited amount of time to get the horse picture perfect. Every horse is different, so paying attention to detail is critical. We work closely with our veterinarian, farrier, and nutritionist to ensure that every detail is covered as we head into sale season. Our goal at horseOlogy is to send every horse to the sale looking their best. 

Young Horses

Since weanlings and yearlings spend most of their time in the herd with horsey friends, we take the time to transition them into a barn setting. We do this 90 days before the sale to have an individualized focus for each horse. When they’re comfortable with the stall, we start the next steps. The process is different for every horse and based on their experience. We groom them daily, bathe, hand walk, swim, and exercise.


Sales preparation for a two-year-old is slightly different than above, given the sales performance aspect. This is called an under-tack show or a breeze show. So, these horses are put into training under horseOlogy and follow a more regimented training schedule to be showcased at a two-year-old in training sale.


horseOlogy also handles the sale of broodmares. These hard-working ladies deserve to be as pampered as the yearlings and weanlings up for sale. If the broodmare is in foal, we will work with the consignor to ensure that all paperwork is up to date. Then we get to work making sure she’ll look her best.

Next Steps

So what happens next? We work with consignors throughout the sales process, and you can contact us to help find the right consignor for your horses. Our farm is open, and we keep things all in one place so you can send your horse to us at any stage, any time. There’s no need to wait. We have a variety of services that are customized for your needs and your horse. Our relationships are paramount, and we want to set you up for success in every way we can.

Contact us to learn more about sales prep today.

Where Can You Find horseOlogy This Year?

horseOlogy will be on our home turf at OBS for the March Sale on March 20th to 22nd. We’ll be there from April 25th to 28th and again from June 13th to 15th. We will be on the road to Keeneland in Kentucky in September and November though our dates are still pending. If you’re attending these sales, we always want to see you, and you can learn more about sales prep.

Meet the Ologists

Follow horseOlogy online and on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube to learn more about our team, thoroughbreds, and services. Call us at 855-HORSIES (855-467-7437) to set up your visit to our facility.

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