Every horse at horseOlogy is an elite athlete. Regardless of their stage of training or development, we work with them to ensure they’re physically fit and ready to learn or work. So what does comprehensive wellness look like for our thoroughbreds? Here are a few things we are sure to provide.

Regular Checkups

Thoroughbred horses require regular vet checkups to ensure their health and well-being. A comprehensive annual health examination is essential, encompassing physical assessments, dental evaluations, vaccinations, and deworming schedules. Vaccination protocols should adhere to industry standards and regional disease prevalence. Regular veterinary consultations enable early detection of health issues, ensuring prompt intervention and promoting thoroughbred horses’ overall longevity and performance.

Dental Health

Dental care is a crucial aspect of maintaining the health and well-being of horses. Horses’ teeth continuously erupt throughout their lives, leading to uneven wear and dental abnormalities if left unchecked. Regular dental checkups, usually every six to twelve months, involve the process of “floating” teeth, where a dentist files down sharp points and addresses any imbalances in the mouth. Proper dental care promotes effective chewing, digestion, and overall comfort for the horse. It can also help prevent weight loss, bit discomfort, and behavioral problems. Horse owners contribute to their animals’ optimal health and performance by ensuring routine dental maintenance.

Shoes and Footcare

Farriers play a vital role in maintaining the soundness and performance of racehorses through expert hoof care and the application of shoes. These skilled professionals trim hooves to maintain proper alignment and balance, mitigating the risk of lameness and injury. Additionally, they assess the specific needs of each horse and determine whether shoeing is necessary. Under intense training and high-speed demands, thoroughbreds often benefit from shoes that provide traction, support, and protection for their hooves. Customized shoeing techniques are employed to enhance performance and minimize strain. Farriers’ hoof care and shoeing expertise contribute to racehorses’ overall well-being and optimal athletic function, enabling them to excel on the track.

Respiratory Health

Respiratory health is a cornerstone of peak performance and endurance in thoroughbred racehorses. Unobstructed and efficient breathing directly impacts oxygen intake, which is crucial for fueling muscles during strenuous races. Maintaining clear airways minimizes the risk of exercise-induced pulmonary hemorrhage, a common condition that can compromise performance and long-term health. Regular monitoring of respiratory function through endoscopic examinations helps detect and manage any issues promptly. Adequate ventilation within stables, proper hygiene, and reduced exposure to dust and allergens further safeguard respiratory well-being. By prioritizing respiratory health, trainers, and owners ensure that their thoroughbred racehorses can unleash their full athletic potential while promoting their long-term soundness and competitive edge.

Meet the Ologists

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