We live in Florida, so we don’t get much of a winter, and that’s just fine for our horses and us. But tomorrow marks the Spring Equinox, or the First Day of Spring in the northern hemisphere, so we’re preparing for even warmer weather and the coming summer. What does spring look like for our horses? Here is what happens in the spring at horseOlogy.

Spring Training for Horses

While spring training is most often associated with baseball, thoroughbreds ready for the track also need to gear up for the season. As two-year-olds prepare for races in their first season, more seasoned racehorses may be coming off of a winter R&R and gearing back up for the racetrack. At horseOlogy, we’re lucky enough to be surrounded by young and older racehorses and can fit our program to every horse’s specific needs.

Breezing in the Spring Breeze

As young horses get further along in their conditioning, we start breezing. This is an exercise that allows the horse to gain more fitness, learn their job as a racehorse, and allows the trainer to really capture the fitness level of each horse as well. A breeze is a timed workout typically repeated weekly, depending on the trainer and horse. These are key moments in preparing a young horse for the track and refreshing an older racehorse. Here is an excellent resource about breezing for anyone who wants to know more.

Pre-Season Prep Races

To make another sports analogy, NFL teams don’t launch right into the season after training camp. They play 3 pre-season games before the scores start to count. Horseracing also has a similar pre-season for some larger, more well-known races. Here is a great example of the Kentucky Derby and the prep races horses need to run.

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