GoldMark farm has been a delight. The state-of-the-art facilities allow us to work with all the latest technologies to improve our equine athletes’ lives every day. We love that we live in an era where we can combine old-fashioned know-how with the newest innovations that give our horses everything they need to succeed. Here is some of the latest technology and science we use at horseOlogy.  

Cold Water Spa

At GoldMark Farm, we have a cold saltwater spa for our racehorses. It looks like a high-tech stall but acts like a tub. Cold saltwater therapy is excellent for sports recovery, reduces fatigue, and enhances natural healing processes. It’s good for actively racing horses, rehab, and layup to prepare horses for whatever’s next. We simply place the horse inside and turn the machine on. It slowly fills up with salt water, starting at their feet. The brand we use is the ECB Equine Cold Spa, which offers several features for the horses and us.

Vibration Plate

We also have a vibration plate installed. Vibration plates are great for equine therapy and can help them recover faster from injury and keep them in tip-top condition. It utilizes whole-body vibration. Do you remember those old exercise machines for people where you would strap in, and it would shake your body? They were invented by Kellog (yes, the cereal guy) during a 19th-century health craze. Well, there was real exercise science behind the idea, but not for what people thought. It can reduce stress, increase pain relief, improve back development, encourage hoof growth, and heal ligaments when used on horses.


There are several stages for breaking and training thoroughbreds, and one is enhanced with the use of a Eurociser. This device isn’t as much modern sports technology but the updated version of something used for a long time in the horse industry. A Eurociser is a directed pen where horses can be walked in a protected circle to allow for cool down after training, improve performance, and encourage healthy development.

Sports Medicine and Veterinary Care

We ensure that our horses receive regular veterinary care throughout their time with us. Maintaining their health and well-being is critical, and medical care is a big part of that. But we also use additional sports science, such as Chiropractic care, to help horses stay safe and happy. You can read more about chiropractic care for our thoroughbreds here.

Ask us about the sports science we use with our thoroughbred athletes.

Meet the Ologists

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