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You might think we’re a group of mad scientists, but we’re just humble thoroughbred trainers with an intense love for these horses. We strive to avoid nightmares at horseOlogy, but we know that things have a habit of going bump in the night. What are some of the scariest nightmares that can happen in thoroughbred racing, and how can you turn them into sweeter dreams?

Nightmare Number 1: Not Listening to Your Thoroughbred

Every horse is different. Like children, you can’t always use the same motivational tools or discipline tactics across the board. Different horses simply respond to different things. That includes figuring out what makes them excited about working with you, when to step back, and when to correct their behavior constructively.

At horseOlogy, we are hands-on with every horse. We listen to them and build that relationship first.

Nightmare Number 2: Letting Your Anger Get in the Way

Horses are just like kids in many ways. They can be so frustrating, and dealing with 1000 pounds of toddler energy can get your hackles up. But when you let anger get in your way, you and the horse will have a disconnect.

We recommend taking a step back, breathing deep, and reapproaching the situation as calmly as possible.

Nightmare Number 3: Not Rewarding Progress

There are two ways to train a cat. Yes, I said it, a cat. You can use the spray bottle and tell them “No,” or redirect them to better behavior and give them a treat when they do it right. Children, cats, dogs, and horses all have this in common. Let your horse know they’ve done well; they do understand.

Thoroughbreds love physical and verbal praise and pick up on your vibes.

Nightmare Number 4: Believing in a One-Size-Fits-All Approach

In breaking and training, there aren’t necessarily a series of steps you can follow to achieve the same results every time. It’s the trainer’s job to understand the horse’s body language and work with them to achieve positive results.

Our Ologists take a hands-on, individual approach with every horse at every stage.

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