Hi everyone, especially new readers. This month, we’ve been getting some buzz after Jena Antonucci won the 155th Belmont Stakes with Arcangelo. She made history, and with her affiliation with us, people are becoming more curious about what horseOlogy does. We want to share our mission, philosophy, and program with the world. And it starts with being transparent, fun, and relevant.

Our Mission and Vision

Across the header of our website, we have:

horseOlogy: (n.) All things ology of the horse. Making the thoroughbred industry transparent, fun, and relevant.

As you can see, the fun aspect of our mission is covered in some of the playful language we use, like the name itself and creating a tongue-in-cheek dictionary definition. But there’s more to it, too. We want to have fun, we want our horses to have fun, and we want our investors to have fun. We also want to be transparent and let people in on every aspect of our program. We also want to bring horseracing into the 21st century and focus on how the industry can be relevant for the next generation of enthusiasts.

How Do We Live Our Values?

So, how exactly do we live “transparent, fun, and relevant” values? Of course, you can visit us on the farm and see that we’re enjoying ourselves, our horses are well cared for and having fun, and we will always showcase what we’re doing. We share information online through social media and our website to ensure people get a real-life look at the horseOlogy program. And we always encourage people to contact us directly. We are a woman and minority-owned company, and while the horseracing world has been largely male-dominated, we want to change the perception that horseracing is only for a particular class of people. As Jena says, “If you can’t find a seat at the table, make your own table.”

Our Philosophy and Program

horseOlogy is more than a training system or care process for young horses. We want to live our philosophy and program of putting every horse first. The horses tell us who they are and what they want, and we don’t bend them to our will; we work with them to find how they want to perform and what that can mean for their futures. With pinhooking, we buy young horses at one stage of development and sell them at the next, and we want every potential owner to know everything about their horse.

Investing in Us

When you invest in horseOlogy, you’re not just buying a fractional share of a yearling and reaping the benefits once the horse is sold. You’re also investing in us and our program. Buying a share of one of our horses means we’ll have continued resources to work hard to ensure that every horse that comes through our farm has all of the care, love, and training they need to become an exceptional horse for their future owners. You’re investing in us, and we value that.

Do you like what we do? Get involved.

Meet the Ologists

Follow horseOlogy online and on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube to learn more about our team, thoroughbreds, and services. Call us at 855-HORSIES (855-467-7437) to set up your visit to our facility.

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