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horseOlogy launches their growth at GoldMark Farm in Ocala, Florida, in November 2022

After years of building and renovating the land before a single horse touched the property, T. Paul Bulmahn opened the comprehensive 2,600-acre GoldMark Farm in 2006, sparing no improvement or amenity.

GoldMark Farm

In the quest for the right growth opportunity and a bit of what feels like “this was meant to be,” the future growth of horseOlogy will be at the breathtaking GoldMark facility. The initial transition will include weanlings, yearlings, broodmares, rehabbing horses, and retired thoroughbreds on November 1st. horseOlogy will relocate training horses gradually as training is underway for the season.  

GoldMark Farm is a state-of-the-art and second-to-none facility with the best resources for all horses and trainers. 

Sparing no expense

Sparing no expense, Paul and his management team, led by General Manager Alaina Wickham, recently undertook an extensive renovation of the training track. The completely rebuilt cushion includes over 2300 loads of new, high-grade sand material to provide a safe and consistent training surface. Initially built for a Safetrack Cushion, the base was inspected from rail to rail to ensure integrity and quality that met or exceeded standards. With a completely renovated irrigation system and surface, the track is on point with the GoldMark standard. 

As horseOlogy leans into more reproductive aspects of their business and continues offering it to their existing and new clients, they are excited about the dedicated spaces for foaling, broodmares, and raising young horses. The farm boasts state-of-the-art reproductive facilities, exceptional pasture management, and the space necessary to raise young horses correctly. 


In addition to the exceptional physical property,

Paul and Alaina’s vision for the horses is lockstep with that of Jena and Katie. Paul’s passion for sharing his farm with various tours and teaching others about the history of the Triple Crown through his on-site museum aligns seamlessly with the horseOlogy brand of wanting to educate and grow the love of the Thoroughbred industry and the horse.  

“Recognizing we must grow interest to be sustainable as an industry, we enjoy teaching enthusiasts and those curious about what we do.” 

Jena Antonucci – horseOlogy co-owner

“I’m looking forward to working with Paul and Alaina at GoldMark largely because our visions and goals are similar: horse first,”

Katie Miranda – horseOlogy co-owner

“GoldMark is pleased to welcome the seasoned thoroughbred professionals of horseOlogy. horseOlogy is a great addition to fully utilize GoldMark facilities, particularly the reconstructed track for year-round effective training.”

“We truly cannot wait to introduce our clients and horses to this environment.” – Katie Miranda

Professional. Transparent. Relevant. Fun. 

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