horseOlogy is leaning into the breeding aspect of our business, and we’re excited about the opportunities it can bring for our clients and us. Never wanting to miss a chance to educate, we love to share information with our entire audience. So what should you know about breeding horses and the science behind it? Let’s take a closer look.  

What to Know About Breeding 

Breeding champion racehorses isn’t just about when a mommy and daddy horse love each other very much. It’s determining the combination of genes from two successful bloodlines to have a foal with as much potential, if not more, as their sire and dam.  

Each racehorse’s pedigree and conformation are evaluated for selling and training, beginning before birth.  

The Science of Thoroughbred Breeding 

If you are an adult on this planet, we sincerely hope you know how babies are made. And the same basic process is accurate for any mammal, including horses. But there is also a science around breeding successful thoroughbreds rooted in genetics.  

You can dive into scientific writing about racehorse genetics, but it boils down to certain traits represented by different genes. And, since males and females provide different chromosomes, choosing the best match between sires and dams is essential.  

Broodmare and Foal Care 

Of course, genetics is only a small part of successful breeding programs. Horses have a long gestation period of about 11 months, meaning caring for the pregnant mother is a top priority. And once that foal is born, they will have their own individual needs even before the weaning stage.  

Your mare will need a special diet to protect the foal and produce milk after birth. Horses are also herd animals, so keeping mares in similar stages of pregnancy together is good for them. It is important to practice good herd health and isolate them from horses likely to shed illness. A trained veterinary professional will also oversee a broodmare’s pregnancy.  

Partner with horseOlogy  

With our recent move to GoldMark, horseOlogy is excited about expanding our breeding program. Contact us today to learn more about breeding, broodmares, and foals.  

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