Is there anything technology can’t do? We have apps for everything from buying groceries online to accessing our lights at home. But can technology help facilitate interest in horse racing? What apps are available for enthusiasts, investors, and betting? Here are a few apps to consider as you explore the wide world of horse racing.

TVG Horse Race Betting App

If you enjoy betting on horse races, you can do that from the comfort of your own home. With TVG, you can watch races and place bets on your phone. Be sure to check out the legal requirements, as some states still don’t permit betting, so you may be unable to access it in your area. Learn more at the website and join the site.

Xpressbet Horse Race Betting

Another resource for betting on horseraces online is Xpressbet. Like TVG, you’ll create an account and sign up and can access races and betting opportunities from anywhere, depending on local laws. You can use your computer, a smartphone app, or call to place bets through their system.


If you want to go beyond betting and get into ownership, a fantastic new app called MyRaceHorse can help. You create an account and buy shares of a racehorse. You can watch the horse’s progress and reap the owner’s benefits. The app even offers race-day perks such as admission, box seats, and special owners’ events.

Horse Races Now

A racing enthusiast developed an actual grassroots app, Horse Races Now, when he discovered that nothing similar existed. With Horse Races Now, you can follow your favorite tracks, get alerts, and watch races in real-time and replay. There is up-to-date news and information as well.


If you’re a statistics junkie, you may love Equibase. This website shows the handicapping news and stats on races, tracks, and individual horses. You can create an account and follow along or get involved to learn more.

Do you want to know more about how you can get involved in horse racing without breaking the bank? Learn about our micro investing opportunities that aim to turn the sport of kings into the sport of everybody. Contact horseOlogy today.

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