This week is Animal Cruelty Awareness Week. We know that there are a lot of misconceptions about the treatment of horses in racing. With our feet on the ground and hands on the horse, we also know these elite athletes can be well taken care of with the right combination of experience. We support safe and ethical racing and work hard to provide the best lives for the horses in our care.

Changing the Perception in the Industry

Last year, we talked about HISA, or the Horseracing Integrity and Safety Act. After many years of scandal, the federal government stepped in to create the act to ensure that horses are kept safe, and abuse doesn’t occur in our sport.

Before HISA, there wasn’t uniformity within the sport of horseracing. NPR described it as a patchwork approach to different standards and, in some cases, no standards at all. These changing perceptions, and requirements, within the industry are designed to ensure that horses are treated well and not abused during their careers.

Standing Up to Abuse

What’s most important is that people within the racing community stand up to abuse. If you see something, say something. We know that horses treated well perform better. Still, we’ve also noticed that horses are treated differently based on their potential or that different trainers have different approaches, and not all of those approaches are ethical.

We work with each horse to ensure they are happy and comfortable and want to perform optimally for us and their riders. We do this all year long, not just during Animal Cruelty Awareness Week.

Care for Retired Racehorses

We also know that there are challenges with retired racehorses. If a horse isn’t widely sought after as a stud, they may have limited options for their retirement. However, if someone takes the time to work with them, we’ve also seen plenty of success stories for retired racehorses who have had fabulous careers in other horse sports.

To this end, we are creating horseOlogy Encore, a non-profit organization dedicated to caring for retired racehorses and finding them forever homes where they can thrive. We’ll share details as soon as they’re live.

Supporting the Future of Racing

horseOlogy is a full-cycle with horses. From offering boutique foaling services to helping retired racehorses find their place, we are with horses at every stage of their lives. By working with horseOlogy, you support the future of racing and a horse-first company that strives to ensure every horse has a good life. We believe in the ethical care of all animals, including the horses we work with.

Meet the Ologists

Follow horseOlogy online and on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube to learn more about our team, thoroughbreds, and services. Call us at 855-HORSIES (855-467-7437) to schedule your visit to our facility.

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