Sure, it’s all about the horses, but there’s more to every successful horseracing team. You already know Jena and Katie as the trainers behind horseOlogy, but what if we told you that there were two more star players as critical to our success as they are? Meet Lucy and Ash. This cat and dog team is always here to supervise our progress and enjoy their daily time at the training facility and track. Here’s a Dog and Cats Day in the Life of horseOlogy.

Meet Lucy

Lucy is a small terrier who wants nothing more than to be carried from place to place. She likes to watch the training to ensure everyone is doing their job. Her hobbies include naps, harassing the cat, hunting for mice, and eating any hoof she can find left behind by the farrier. She’s a big part of the team at horseOlogy, and no one would know what to do without her.

Meet Ash

Ash is more than a typical barn cat. He wakes up early and patrols the fields for mice. He can hold his own against Lucy and will harass her right back. He isn’t afraid to let everyone know when his food is empty, even though he caught a few mice earlier in the day. He also enjoys lying down in front of walking horses without concern for his safety. His favorite perch is on top of the tack room, where he can survey everything.

Visit Lucy and Ash

We know the stars of the show are the horses, but Lucy and Ash round out our team. And our doors are always open to owners and investors who want to come to see their horses, and meet Lucy and Ash, too. To set up a visit, contact our team at 855-HORSIES to see what we can arrange. You could watch the horses swim in the mornings or train on the track when you swing by. And don’t forget to give Lucy a pat on the head and Ash some chin scratches, or they might start to get a little jealous.

Contact an Ologist

Follow horseOlogyonline and on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube to learn more about our team, thoroughbreds, and services. Call us at 855-HORSIES (855-467-7437) to set up your visit to our facility.

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