Keeping up with the horse racing industry is an essential part of owning or training horses. There are so many great websites that there is no shortage of resources. Following subject-matter experts can provide additional insights, news, and details to improve your skills as an owner or trainer or simply as a horse racing enthusiast. But what websites are worth following? Here are our top picks for the best horse racing blogs and sites to bookmark on your computer.


For the most up-to-date news in the horse racing world, Bloodhorse is a top resource. It offers daily updates on the world of Thoroughbred racing, analysis, results, and race entries. It follows sales and auctions as well as information about bloodlines and pedigrees. Daily news is available right from the site, or you can subscribe for more.

America’s Best Racing

For more news about Thoroughbreds and horse racing, check out America’s Best Racing. The site isn’t just for professionals; it also showcases information about betting and the lifestyle of horse races around the country. It features video content and educational information about horse racing for anyone interested in learning more.

Paulick Report

What started as a simple blog in 2008, the Paulick Report has grown to become a leading resource in horse racing. Over the years, the site has gained a reputation for investigative reporting in horse racing, winning several awards. They have a team of news reporters dedicated entirely to the racing industry and provide up-to-date stories on all aspects of horse racing.

Past the Wire

Another online success story, Past the Wire, started as a column that quickly grew into a website showcasing the latest news in horse racing. It was founded by Jonathan Stettin, a professional handicapper who loved the sport. Today, the site is run by a handful of contributors, all with ties to the racing industry.

Thoroughbred Daily News

For regularly updated daily news, check out TDN. On the site, you can download today’s news, read on the web, or subscribe to receive updates in your inbox. It is one of the most comprehensive sites with US, European, and Australian news coverage. You can also listen to podcasts or download past news in PDF form.

Our Horses in Ocala and Beyond

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