Have you ever dreamed of owning a racehorse? You love hearing the thundering of hooves and watching the turf fly as the horses race around the track. Owning a racehorse may feel like a dream, but you can make that dream come true. Whether investing in a horse of your own or micro-investing, you can be a part of this exciting industry.  

Evaluating conformation is essential to choosing a healthy and competitive racehorse. Conformation will be very different for various breeds of horses, but there are a few standards to consider in thoroughbreds. Here are 5 things you should look for when buying a racehorse.  


You’ll want to make sure the horse is well proportioned. The frame of the thoroughbred should be delicate but powerful, and it should match the muscle development. The horse should carry weight equally from front to back and top to bottom.  


You also want to evaluate the structure of the bones. They should be properly aligned, especially when looking at the horse’s legs. Horses evolved to run fast relative to their size, which created a large body and small legs with strong bones to withstand the pressure of racing.  


Horses are intuitive animals. Studies have shown how they react to human emotion and their surroundings. You want a horse who is alert, aware, and in control. Intelligent horses can be willful, as any thoroughbred trainer can tell you, but they can also be champions.  


Racehorses are some of the most powerful athletes competing today. They work in cooperation with their riders to achieve their best. A horse, without encouragement, will run fast. But when you pair them with the right team, they can run faster.  


Along with strong conformation, their breaking & training program is of equal importance. This will be the cornerstone of their potential success. At horseOlogy , each horse is evaluated and an individualized training program is developed to create the best opportunity for a successful career on the racetrack. 

Investing in Thoroughbreds 

There is a lot more that goes into buying or investing in racehorses. To learn more about investing and micro-investing, follow horseOlogy online. Contact us today.  

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