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With decades of industry experience between us,TTM has established solid relationships with the country’stop trainers. We have been able to assess the best racingpartnership for each individual horse in conjunction with theowners and seamlessly transitioned them into race trainingwith a top tier trainer

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Our most significant advantage is our transparent business model and our goal to put our clients first assuring them an honest and ethical relationship through every stage of their investment. 

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2500 SW 125th Ave Barn #1, Ocala, FL 34481

About Us

In 2010 Jena earned her public training license and has since been operating a successful training business with multiple stakes wins and a reputation for honesty and integrity. She has traveled internationally buying, selling, and racing and brings a wealth of industry knowledge from the farm to the track. Jena’s expertise in identifying quality young horses and matching them with the most optimal training program to maximize investor performance is key to the success of TTM. 

Jena Antonucci

Stephanie then opened and managed The Cowser Group, a global executive search firm. During this time she became increasingly involved in Thoroughbred Aftercare and eventually took a hiatus from her company to devote her time to working in the industry. In 2014, Stephanie accepted a position on the Board of Directors for New Canaan Mounted Troop, a nationally recognized nonprofit riding program for children and therapeutic riding program for children and adults with special needs. She became their Equestrian Program Director where she worked until her relocation in 2021. Along with her well-rounded business background, Stephanie offers a lifetime of experience with horses and a specific passion for thoroughbreds and racing. Her diverse skill set combining her business acumen and industry knowledge is an integral part of the success of TTM.

Stephanie Cowser

Following that, Katie earned her master’s degree in Animal Science from the University of Florida, after which she began assisting her father full time in the breaking and training business. In 2019, Katie went off on her own opening White Lilac, LLC, where she specializes in pinhooking, breaking and training, and preparing weanlings and yearlings for the sales. Additionally, Katie continues to rehabilitate horses to go back to the racetrack. Katie’s extensive experience with and passion for working with weanlings through two-year-olds is a very specialized niche and one that is most important to the success of TTM.

Katie Miranda

Spring In Ocala: Getting Ready for Warmer Weather

We live in Florida, so we don’t get much of a winter, and that’s just fine for our horses and us. But tomorrow marks the Spring Equinox, or the First Day of Spring in the northern hemisphere, so we’re preparing for even warmer weather and the coming summer. What does...

The Luck of the Irish: How Horseshoes Became Lucky Charms

In 1983, the Lucky Charms cereal brand added its first new lucky shape since it was released in 1964. Now, along with green clovers, pink hearts, orange stars, and yellow moons, the world included the luckiest charm next to the clovers themselves: a purple horseshoe....

What is Sales Prep? Sales Preparation with horseOlogy          

horseOlogy is the study of all things of the horse. And under the horseOlogy umbrella, there are several specializations, including farmOlogy or the study of all things farm related. And that’s where you’ll find sales prep. When planning for a young thoroughbred, some...

Stress Behaviors in Horses

Do horses experience stress and anxiety? Do they feel depression? The answer isn’t black and white, and it’s not exactly the same as humans. Still, the mental well-being of your horse is vital, and many specific situations can contribute to their stress responses....

Equine Pain Relief

Any time an animal experiences pain, it’s up to the humans around them to understand the causes and treatments. Like many domestic animals, horses don’t always show their pain. It’s part of their survival instinct. But horses, especially our highly trained athletes,...

Romance for Horses: Valentine’s Day and Breeding Season

Love is in the air. Valentine’s Day is a Hallmark holiday that evolved from one of the most unlikely places, a roman martyr murdered by the emperor in the year 270 A.D. Today, the holiday is celebrated with chocolate, flowers, and a little extra romance. While horses...

This Month in Horseracing History

The Great Depression came hot on the heels of Prohibition, which went into effect in 1920. It didn't stop the Roaring Twenties from happening or the consumption of alcohol; it just changed the game. In 1929, the Great Depression descended over the United States like a...

Settling In at GoldMark Farm

We are grateful to everyone who showed us love and support as we transitioned horseOlogy to GoldMark Farm. We have been so excited about this opportunity, and it’s been fun to share with our readers, supporters, owners, and partners. Now that we’re a few months in, we...

Rehab and Layup: A Second Chance

Rodgers…), and others know when to say when. Racehorses are elite athletes and should be treated with the same care and respect. That’s why horseOlogy offers rehab and layup services. Whether they need a mental break for a short time or need to recover from an injury...

Winter Mixed Sale And HRA at OBS in Ocala

The sales have started again, and horseOlogy is a part of them. We'll be at OBS this year for the Winter Mixed and HRA, and we're super excited to see all of you there. What can you expect if you come down for these sales? Here is an inside look at OBS's Winter Mixed...

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2500 SW 125th Ave Barn #1, Ocala, FL 34481

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