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With decades of industry experience between us,TTM has established solid relationships with the country’stop trainers. We have been able to assess the best racingpartnership for each individual horse in conjunction with theowners and seamlessly transitioned them into race trainingwith a top tier trainer

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Our most significant advantage is our transparent business model and our goal to put our clients first assuring them an honest and ethical relationship through every stage of their investment. 

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2500 SW 125th Ave Barn #1, Ocala, FL 34481

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In 2010 Jena earned her public training license and has since been operating a successful training business with multiple stakes wins and a reputation for honesty and integrity. She has traveled internationally buying, selling, and racing and brings a wealth of industry knowledge from the farm to the track. Jena’s expertise in identifying quality young horses and matching them with the most optimal training program to maximize investor performance is key to the success of TTM. 

Jena Antonucci

Stephanie then opened and managed The Cowser Group, a global executive search firm. During this time she became increasingly involved in Thoroughbred Aftercare and eventually took a hiatus from her company to devote her time to working in the industry. In 2014, Stephanie accepted a position on the Board of Directors for New Canaan Mounted Troop, a nationally recognized nonprofit riding program for children and therapeutic riding program for children and adults with special needs. She became their Equestrian Program Director where she worked until her relocation in 2021. Along with her well-rounded business background, Stephanie offers a lifetime of experience with horses and a specific passion for thoroughbreds and racing. Her diverse skill set combining her business acumen and industry knowledge is an integral part of the success of TTM.

Stephanie Cowser

Following that, Katie earned her master’s degree in Animal Science from the University of Florida, after which she began assisting her father full time in the breaking and training business. In 2019, Katie went off on her own opening White Lilac, LLC, where she specializes in pinhooking, breaking and training, and preparing weanlings and yearlings for the sales. Additionally, Katie continues to rehabilitate horses to go back to the racetrack. Katie’s extensive experience with and passion for working with weanlings through two-year-olds is a very specialized niche and one that is most important to the success of TTM.

Katie Miranda

Why Transparency in Horse Management Speaks Volumes at horseOlogy

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Guest Post: A Day in the Life of Betsy at horseOlogy

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What Does it Mean to Break a Maiden?

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2500 SW 125th Ave Barn #1, Ocala, FL 34481

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horseOlogy has only limited investment opportunities in this year’s investment group.

Horses of Racing Age Be A Lady ’21 by Violence

Horses of Racing Age

We love to watch our graduates grow and be successful on the racetrack.

Horses of Racing Age Be A Lady ’21 by Violence

Yearling to Two Year Olds

We can’t wait for you to come along and experience all that these horses have to offer.

Weanlings Available

Weanlings to Yearlings

Get involved early as there are limited ownership opportunities.

Weanlings Available


Allowing our partners to take part in the breeding process from start to finish.

Developing and Training

Our approach is joining up with each horse so that they understand the process of learning through acceptance and not fear.

Horses of Racing Age Be A Lady ’21 by Violence

Rehab and Layup

Whether it is to let them rest mentally and/or physically or an injury, wehas the means and skill set.

Horses of Racing Age Be A Lady ’21 by Violence

Sales Prep

At horseOlogy, we focus on the tiniest details that can set our horses apart in the sales ring.

Weanlings Available


horseOlogy provides a boutique experience while limiting the number of mares and foals.

Horses of Racing Age Be A Lady ’21 by Violence


We bring years of experience evaluating conformation and pedigree to uncover the best pinhooking prospects.

Small Share Investing

A business model whereby a group of people can participate in the owning horse, which may otherwise not have been feasible.


Bloodstock Advisors

A bloodstock advisor’s services may include but are not limited to, mating, sale placement, acquisition, trainer placement, and overall management of your horse.

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