horseOlogy: (n.) all things Ology of the horse.

Making the Thoroughbred industry transparent, fun, and relevant.

The Ology Advantage

By putting our partners first, horseOlogy guarantees an honest and ethical relationship through every stage. Keeping all services in-house allows us to control costs for our partners and provide complete transparency at all times. There is no shipping to one farm for breaking and training and another for rehabilitation.

We pride ourselves on providing the most personalized service for each equine athlete on our farm. With this, horseOlogy can have an open line of communication with our partners, providing updates in real-time.

Everything Ology

We relish our relationships with our investment partners, and we pride ourselves on the communication we provide regularly. We keep you informed every step of the way from:

  • Weanling News
  • Breaking & Training
  • Racing News
  • Rehab and Lay-Up
  • Retirement Updates

The Ology Edge

Jena Antonucci and Katie Miranda bring decades of hands-on business experience and expertise from every sector of the thoroughbred industry to deliver top-quality services with unmatched partner relations.

We have coupled our diverse skills to create a well-rounded portfolio of services for each stage of the thoroughbred racing industry, from pinhooking to retirement.

Customer Service

horseOlogy offers unmatched customer service with virtual communication for those who wish to remain hands-off. horseOlogy also offers full-service partner relations for those looking to be more involved in the experiential side of their investment.

Training Location

Ocala, Florida 

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horseOlogy believes in sharing our passion for our Thoroughbreds with every one of our partners.

Our doors are always open.

You are encouraged to come to the sales with us and experience the excitement of buying or the thrill of selling a yearling or two-year-old in training after months of hard work in Ocala.


Hello Partner


There is nothing like hearing the gavel hitting the podium at a Fasig Tipton, Keeneland, or OBS sale. Whether it is a new horse joining horseOlogy or a Pinhook walking out of the ring after a successful sale, we invite you to be there for the excitement.


Visit us at the farm and witness the weanlings as they mature into their new daily routine. See a prospect start to learn their job as a racehorse in training under the expert guidance of Jena and Katie. Watching the horses in the freshwater pool or relaxing in the field is always thrilling.

horseOlogy provides a fun, exciting, and informative experience in the Thoroughbred industry. ‘Horse racing is the Sport of Kings,’ we strive to make it available to anyone who loves horse racing by keeping our costs reasonable for our partners. Our partners participate at any level at which they feel comfortable.

You Dream It

We Make It Happen

Join the Ologists

At horseOlogy, we love to share our passion, farm, and knowledge with everyone who wants to experience a little slice of horse heaven.


Learn how alternative therapies, such as acupuncture or MagnaWave, aid in developing our equine athletes, especially those in our care for rehabilitative services. 

Retirement and Second Career

Visit your retired horse and see how they enjoy their much-deserved post-career retreat on acres and acres of green grass. Come and see the newly retired enjoying their let-down time before going to their forever homes. Maybe you want to provide one of these incredible athletes with a home and a new career as a sport horse or even a companion?


Come see the importance of our individualized nutrition program and what it means to a developing young horse, a horse in full training, or a retiree.


Join us at the race track to see one of your horses on race day. As partners, we would love to arrange the morning experience observing training or the thrill of the races in the afternoon. 


Why the Ology?

Our Mission:

horseOlogy delivers exceptional services to thoroughbred owners by providing focused, individualized care and training for their thoroughbreds. Our array of services throughout the industry and the opportunity for owners to be involved at any level create the most satisfying ownership experience for horseOlogy clients.

Our Goal:

To be the finest in the Thoroughbred Industry by being transparent, fun, and relevant.

horseOlogy strives to create a community of inclusivity within our investment partners.

We bring a strong business foundation with years of education and hands-on experience with each service.

The partner experience is always our priority. Whether Pinhooking, Racing, or any of our horseOlogy services, each of our partners will receive personalized service with the promise of complete transparency through their entire investment process.

Built on years of trust and mutual respect, our industry-relevant relationships with the best trainers and consignors in the country allow our partners access to the Ology edge. 

Jena and Katie's years of experience will enable us to place each racehorse in the optimal racing program. We focus on the individual and their needs, whether it be temperament or level of racing.

The communication doesn't cease once your racehorse moves to a trainer at the track. We are there every step to ensure that your experience is as rich as when we worked with your horse directly.

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Training Location

Ocala, Florida 

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Yearling Preparation and Training at horseOlogy

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Training Location

Ocala, Florida 

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