Join us for more investment opportunities in the coming months. We will be shopping at Keeneland, OBS, and Fasig Tipton for our next exciting group of weanlings and yearlings. 

What is a Weanling?
Weaning is the process of separating a foal from its mother.

Weanlings Available

Pinhooking includes weanlings to yearlings; and yearlings to 2-year-olds.

Pinhooking is the practice of buying a horse at one stage in their life and selling them at a later stage. TTM is currently accepting new investors to experience the excitement of owning a thoroughbred weanling. With an approximate 10-month sales cycle, investors will participate in a rapid turnaround after we will expertly prepare these weanlings to be sold at the yearling sales next summer. Contact us for more information on investing in TTM weanlings!

Join us for more investment opportunities in the coming months. We will be shopping at Keeneland, OBS, and Fasig Tipton for our next exciting group of weanlings and yearlings. 

 Please contact info@triadthoroughbreds.com or (352)299-6720.

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Abrupt Weaning

There are multiple ways to wean a foal. Thoroughbred foals are generally weaned between four and six months of age. There are several schools of thought about the best way to wean foals. One such method is ‘Abrupt,’ which simultaneously removes all mares from the herd, leaving just the weanlings together. While this works well, it can be stressful for both the mares and the foals, depending on individuals.

Weaning in Groups

Weaning in groups, or at least with one other mare and foal, is essential so that the new weanling is never alone. Weanlings in groups can occur in the barn, but it happens in their field more often. Research has shown that group pasture weaning is the least stressful on both the mares and the weanlings. In most cases, this is completed by removing the dam of the most independent foal first and then gradually following suit with all of the mares.

The entire princess could take weeks, leaving the most dependent foals to be weaned last after becoming accustomed to the independence. Once weaned from the dam, the foal will become more dependent on humans. If the foal is handled frequently since birth, this is a far less stressful situation.

Gradual Approach

Some farms believe that the “Gradual” approach is best. They are separating the mare and foal for short intervals so they can become accustomed to their independence before separating them.

Hybrid Approach

Lastly, some feel a hybrid of the “Gradual” and the “Group” approaches is ideal. It removes all but a few of the mares and leaves them to babysit all of the foals. It is vital to move the mares out of sight and smell of the weanlings to be the most successful and least stressful for both moms and babies.

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Jena is exceptionally well regarded at the most prestigious race tracks in the country, having winners from Saratoga to Gulfstream. Jena runs a mid-size stable and has a reputation for having an open-door policy with every one of her clients and always putting the horse first. She operates a very transparent business so that her clients have the best possible experience, whether on a race or training day. Over the last several years, Jena has diversified her business, taking all her equine experience and successfully pinhooking, breeding, rehabilitating, and advising clients.

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Katie grew up around her parents’ Thoroughbred Training facility in Ocala. She earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Biology at the University of Tennessee/Martin, where she rode on their Division 1 NCAA Equestrian team. Katie went on to earn a Master’s degree in Animal Science at the University of Florida, after which Katie began assisting her father in their breaking and training business. In 2019, Katie opened White Lilac in Ocala, where she caters to clients looking for a boutique experience from a trainer. In addition to breaking and training, Katie has vast expertise in sales prepping weanlings and yearlings, pinhooking, and rehabilitation.

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