Boutique Broodmare and Foaling Services with horseOlogy  

By Appointment Only

To ensure that your mare and new arrival have the best possible hands-on experience, horseOlogy provides a boutique experience while limiting the number of mares and foals.

Contact us today to discuss if we can accommodate your broodmare and foaling needs.  

More Than Thoroughbreds 

All Breeds and Disciplines

We care for mares of all breeds and disciplines, including sport horses, quarter horses, Arabians, and thoroughbreds. We can take care of your pre-foaling and post-foaling needs. From sending thoroughbreds to the breeding shed for live cover, to shipping semen for non-thoroughbred breeds. We have you covered (literally!) Talk to us to learn more about what we can do for you and your mares. 

Training Location

Ocala, Florida 

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Experienced Staff, Veterinary Team, and State-of-the-Art Facilities  

Our experienced staff and state-of-the-art facilities provide the best opportunity for the safety and comfort of your mare and foal.  

All mares are under camera surveillance pre and post-foaling, and we have on-site night watch. Understanding that emergencies can happen, we can get your mare straight to the clinic for emergency care if the team determines we are facing one. All pre and post-foaling mares have individual smaller-sized paddocks to allow them to have a relaxed time for themselves. Resident mares and foals will transition to a larger paddock and herd environment when ready. 

Our facilities are located at Goldmark Farm. We have several oversized stalls solely for foaling and all the amenities needed for reproductive work. Our stalls are disinfected before a new mare to foal arrives, and all facilities are kept clean and tidy.   

We have the space, experience, and ability to provide long and short-term care for babies and their mamas.  

You Dream It

We Make It Happen

Why the Ology?

Our Mission:

horseOlogy delivers exceptional services to thoroughbred owners by providing focused, individualized care and training for their thoroughbreds. Our array of services throughout the industry and the opportunity for owners to be involved at any level create the most satisfying ownership experience for horseOlogy clients.

Our Goal:

To be the finest in the Thoroughbred Industry by being transparent, fun, and relevant.

horseOlogy strives to create a community of inclusivity within our investment partners.

We bring a strong business foundation with years of education and hands-on experience with each service.

The partner experience is always our priority. Whether Pinhooking, Racing, or any of our horseOlogy services, each of our partners will receive personalized service with the promise of complete transparency through their entire investment process.

Built on years of trust and mutual respect, our industry-relevant relationships with the best trainers and consignors in the country allow our partners access to the Ology edge. 

Jena and Katie's years of experience will enable us to place each racehorse in the optimal racing program. We focus on the individual and their needs, whether it be temperament or level of racing.

The communication doesn't cease once your racehorse moves to a trainer at the track. We are there every step to ensure that your experience is as rich as when we worked with your horse directly.

Trending Everything Ology

Yearling Preparation and Training at horseOlogy

Yearling Preparation and Training at horseOlogy

At horseOlogy, we take a horse-first approach to our yearling training. We want to encourage horses who have the interest and aptitude for racing to feel the excitement of doing it their way. We learn what each young horse wants and what motivates them before creating...

Training Location

Ocala, Florida 

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Call 855-Horsies / 855.467.7437

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