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What does a second career mean for our equine friends? Whether it is a thoroughbred that’s done with its race career, a show horse that needs an easier job, or a broodmare that gets to retire from her kiddos, we like to think there is a second career for most and aim to create a soft landing for others.


The vast majority of rehoming opportunities come from off the track thoroughbreds (OTTB’s) and we take it upon ourselves to make sure that there are open doors and soft landings for each and every one of them that come to us at the end of their racing career.


Not all horses are suited for a second career, and it is most important to understand the difference. You will notice many farms throughout Lexington and Ocala have a field they deem “the retired field” and these typically home retired broodmares, track ponies and others that may have been retired and not able to be rehomed due to injury or temperament. We have one at horseOlogy! We lovingly call them our “oldies” and they will get to live out their lives with us while we give them the best care we possibly can in the meantime!  

What Drives Us

Our Mission

“Our personal responsibility to the equine industry is to care for the horses throughout their lives. We advocate for breeds that have supported us, and we’ll assist them in their second career or retirement however we can.” 

The Ologist Formula

With Jena and Katie both having an extensive background in Hunter/Jumpers and also rehoming OTTBs, they have contacts that span across the sport horse world, which has served them well in rehoming.

They also both have great contacts throughout the thoroughbred racing industry with trainers and owners that aim to responsibly retire their racehorses so that a second career is right around the corner. Finding the most amazing second career home is most important to Jena and Katie; they do not take the task lightly.

Each horse deserves to have a loving home and meaningful life. We have seen these horses go on to have success across multiple disciplines: hunter, jumper, polo, barrel racing, trail, and even companion horses.

Jena and Katie aim to keep close eyes on these horses as they move through their next career, as seeing a horse succeed later in life is just as rewarding.  

The team, also consisting of Meg Miranda and Angela Chovnick, bring a wealth of knowledge, experience, and passion in creating a positive experience for each horse. 


horseOlogy Encore is a 501(c)(3) Nonprofit Organization

Our Vision

“To transition and care for retiring thoroughbreds or other equine and prepare for their next careers whether it be companion, riding or therapeutic service and offer an educational opportunity to the community.”

Please consider gifting a vital donation to aid in the care and rehoming of these wonderful horses.

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horseOlogy Encore is working with owners to ensure their retired horses have the support they need. A current retired population will live their lives out at the farm and now that will be with the support of the non-profit. They look forward to welcoming additional horses, helping them transition to a new career, or giving them a comfortable place to retire.

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Jena and Katie, also owners of horseOlogy, have launched a non-profit dedicated to caring for thoroughbreds and other equines as they pursue second careers or retire. horseOlogy Encore is a 501(c)(3) organization.

“Our goal is to do right by these horses and support them and whatever comes next in their lives.”

Katie Miranda

“The horses don’t owe us anything, but we owe them everything.”

Jena Antonucci

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