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How do I get started?

The most important part about starting any new investment is identifying how much money you can freely spend without disturbing your lifestyle. In our experience, those who go into the equine business, eyes wide open, tend to enjoy their experiences much more. Once you have established what works for you financially, get in touch with us so we can start to create the perfect investment scenario for you.
Whether pinhooking, racing in partnership or owning yourself, we will create the best scenario customized for you. The most crucial detail is that we treat your hard-earned financial investment like it is ours.

Is there a minimum investment?

The minimum investment depends on what you want to get involved in. While we would love for everyone to be able to invest with the least amount of financial risk, horses are expensive to feed and adequately care for.

Do you have any horses available?

Yes! We are always in forward motion!
The thoroughbred industry is non-stop. We are constantly looking, shopping, buying, and selling. You can hop in at any time of the year! We can’t wait to hear from you. Call 855-HORSIES


Can I visit my horse?

Absolutely! One of the most significant benefits of horseOlogy is the full access provided to each owner/investor. We love having you out and love to teach and show you what we do and why we do it! We know you and your family will have a fantastic time visiting and likely make lifelong memories with your family.

Do I get a tax benefit for participating?

Handling taxes is a very personal topic.
We prefer to speak one on one regarding the benefits of horse ownership relating to taxes. We do not recommend investing in thoroughbreds as a tax benefit. Still, depending on how your tax advisor manages your taxes, there could be benefits.

Is my investment insured?

We insure all of our purchases for major medical and mortality. Should our horse colic, this will be covered. Additionally, your initial investment in the acquisition is protected if a horse dies.

What are my risks?

It is no secret that owning and investing in thoroughbreds is high risk. For this reason, we are diligent in doing all we can to minimize the risk by doing our due diligence in purchasing and caring for our thoroughbreds.

Are there different risk levels?

Yes! Being involved with a weanling to yearling investment can be less risky than a yearling to two-year-old Pinhook. The yearling to two-year-old will have to go through the rigors of training to become a racehorse. In contrast, a weanling to yearling will only have to go through sales preparation to be sold at the appropriate auction. As they say, there is no reward if there is no risk. A yearling to two-year-old pinhooks statistically can produce more considerable gains than a weanling to yearling! With all the different investment opportunities available, horseOlogy always recommends diversifying across investment cycles to mitigate risk.

How long is each investment?

Each investment has its own time period. Let’s make sure we talk about the amount of time that best fits your needs.

Why the Ology?

Our Mission:

horseOlogy delivers exceptional services to thoroughbred owners by providing focused, individualized care and training for their thoroughbreds. Our array of services throughout the industry and the opportunity for owners to be involved at any level create the most satisfying ownership experience for horseOlogy clients.

Our Goal:

To be the finest in the Thoroughbred Industry by being transparent, fun, and relevant.

horseOlogy strives to create a community of inclusivity within our investment partners.

We bring a strong business foundation with years of education and hands-on experience with each service.

The partner experience is always our priority. Whether Pinhooking, Racing, or any of our horseOlogy services, each of our partners will receive personalized service with the promise of complete transparency through their entire investment process.

Built on years of trust and mutual respect, our industry-relevant relationships with the best trainers and consignors in the country allow our partners access to the Ology edge. 

Jena and Katie's years of experience will enable us to place each racehorse in the optimal racing program. We focus on the individual and their needs, whether it be temperament or level of racing.

The communication doesn't cease once your racehorse moves to a trainer at the track. We are there every step to ensure that your experience is as rich as when we worked with your horse directly.

Training Location

Ocala, Florida 

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